Tips and Techniques for Managing an Effective Audit Program

A key source of information for the leadership of any organization is the internal audit process. A well-managed and comprehensive internal audit program is invaluable to the leadership as it provides them with a clear photograph of the current state of the enterprise. Implemented properly the internal audit process can not only focus attention on nonconforming processes, it should also be a driver for best practice sharing and identification of continual improvement opportunities. The success or failure of an internal auditing program starts with leadership support. Too often however, leadership does not fully appreciate or understand the value the audit process can provide to an organization. It is simply viewed as another in a series of requirements to be completed.

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• Why We Audit?
• The Ideal Audit Process – Items for Consideration
• How to Gain Leadership Support for Audits - Value-Added Nonconformity Statements
• Q&A